Monday, October 31, 2011

A Call for Help

Hi Folks,

I'm looking for some volunteers who can make one or more blocks.

My husband has a coworker whose house was destroyed by the gas line explosion in San Bruno last year. ( He had just arrived home when the explosion happened right in front of his house and he had to flee. His wife was mere moments from home and would have been killed if she was just a little bit earlier. Their house was annihilated, the car in the driveway destroyed, and their pets never recovered. All of their wedding photos, clothes, everything, was gone.

Then this morning on the way into work, his car was T-boned by another car who ran a red light, and he is currently in the hospital. He and his wife are expecting their first child in December.

I would like to make him and his family a quilt to provide some comfort. I know if it is just me, it will take a long time for this quilt to be finished, so I was hoping maybe some folks might be willing to donate one or more blocks. I'd like to make a quilt inspired by this quilt:

happy camping front

using this color palette:

along with grays and a white background, using modern, masculine fabrics.

If you are interested in helping out, please leave a comment below or email me at, and I will send you a mail with instructions.

I'd like to get this together as soon as possible, so I'm hoping to have all the blocks here two weeks from now to ensure there is enough time for it to be finished before the baby arrives.

<3 Kelsey

P.S. Don't have time to make a block? Fabric and scraps in the above colors would also be most welcome. Or perhaps take a few minutes to help spread the word. Anything and everything helps!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bloggers Quilt Festival Fall 2011

Twice a year, Amy of Amy's Creative Side hosts an awesome virtual quilting show called Blogger's Quilt Festival, which involves a *ton* of quilters each linking up a quilt to share. There are always hundreds of amazing entries. This festival I'd like to feature the quilt led by me and the ladies of the Faith do. Good Stitches circle. For those who have been around a little while, this will be a repeat, but for those just joining us, I'd like to do a small recap.

A Quilt For Two

do. Good Stitches is an online charity bee where each month we all work together to make a quilt for charity. The Faith circle donates through our local churches specifically.

A Quilt For Two

For my month, I  chose to create quilt for a sweet family in our church that just seems to give, give, and give. They had recently had a set of beautiful twin boys, and were moving near family since that the father had finished school. Since most everything they own needs to be for two (double strollers anyone?), I thought it'd be cute to have A Quilt For Two. :)

A Quilt For Two
Each baby gets their own side.
Some clear shots of the front and back:

A Quilt For Two

Rachel of StitchedInColor made the lovely circle block on the back, and I sort of made up the design on the back as I went. I love how it turned out.

A Quilt For Two

I just wanted to thank the ladies of the Faith circle of do. Good Stitches one more time. You all did such a wonderful job and I know this quilt is being loved by its family in their new home now. :)

<3 Kelsey

P.S. See the original post with more details about the quilt here.

do. Good Stitches Swoon Quilt Finished

Remember this Swoon post? Rachel has now finished putting together the Swoon quilt made by the FAITH circle of do. Good Stitches. Head over to StitchedInColor to check out the awesome finished quilt!

<3 Kelsey

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pretty Little Pouch

I signed up for the most recent round of the Pretty Little Pouch Swap on Flickr. My secret partner loves Mendocino, and I wanted to create her a pouch featuring the fabric. I started sewing after this line already became hard to find, so I had to turn to other Flickr members for help. Luckily, I was able to swap for and was outright given some scraps from some very generous ladies in the { DESIGNER } Fabric - Stash - Swappy - Poo Flickr group.

Pretty Littel Pouch Swap 3 - Mendocino Mermaid Boxy Pouch

Soon after settling on Mendocino, I thought it would be awesome to embroider a mermaid around the zipper. Turns out I am not the first person to think of embroidering a Mendocino mermaid (Aneela Hoey used it in this hoop), but I loved the idea enough I decided to go ahead anyways. At least I thought of it independently. :)

Pretty Little Pouch Swap 3- Mendocino Mermaid Boxy Pouch

This is my first time using a zipper in a project. Of course, I never do anything half way, so it is an invisible zipper with lining. I am quite pleased with how it came out.

Pretty Little Pouch Swap 3- Mendocino Mermaid Boxy Pouch

I lined the bag with Giant Octopi in brown. I liked the contrast form the light colored outside, and it should hopefully hide any stains from anything stored inside. :)

Pretty Little Pouch Swap 3- Mendocino Mermaid Boxy Pouch

Now I just need to get together the extras and some packaging and it will be ready to ship! I sure hope my partner loves it as much as I do - this is definitely the hardest item I've made to let go of yet.

I am entering my pouch into the embroidery category in Celebrate Color.

<3 Kelsey

Linking up to sew & tellSo Creative, and:

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Friday, October 7, 2011

One More PTS 6 Possibility

One more possibility for my partner. This is a modified form of the Swoon pattern. What do you think partner? Does this make you happier than my last two options?

PTS 6 Option C (Modified Swoon)

<3 Kelsey

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

PTS 6 Possibilities

I drafted up a couple of possibilities for my partner for round 6 of the Pillow Talk Swap.

The first uses up more pieces of a Tula Pink "design roll" I won several months ago. (Some of which went into my do. Good Stitches blocks here.)

PTS 6 Options

The second is all solids and is based off of this awesome miniquilt made by Leona. Seriously, go check hers out, it's awesome. This draft is closer to hers than the final result is likely to be as it'll be my own improv piecing, but I figured it gets the jist across.

PTS 6 Options

So partner, do either of these strike your fancy? Or shall I go with something a bit more literal from your mosaic?

<3 Kelsey

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A little inspiration

Just looking at this mosaic makes my heart go pitter-patter.

Rainbow Color Inspiration Mosaic

I keep stealing looks at it while I work. <3

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