Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Best Laid Plans

If you remember, I was having difficulty deciding what fabric to use for my FWQAL. I even put together this survey to help gather some feedback. I was worried I wouldn't get very clear results, but fortunately there was a clear winner.

Orange and aqua was the clear favorite as soon as people started voting. Here it is again to remind you of what it looked like:


I started to plan. I selected Kona turquoise and orange. I was only a little hesitant because I already have a orange and aqua quilt in the works and it'd be a bit redundant, but hey, I like orange and aqua. Then I got an email from fabricworm, and I saw this fabric bundle:

It felt at once both fresh and sophisticated, and yet very different from the color combinations that I usually see around blogland. I know purple isn't for everyone, but I liked it. :)

So I ordered my bundle and patiently waited. I printed out my paper piecing templates. I've decided to go in the order they are presented in the book rather than numerical order, since I didn't feel like searching around the book for each block. This meant that my first block was #26, Cut Glass Dish:

FWQAL Block #26
FWQAL Block #26 - Cut Glass Dish
That was a LOT of tiny pieces for my first block! It took me two long evenings to get it together with all those little points (mostly) lining up. (Do note that I am not going to trim my blocks to the precise 6.5" until I am ready to assemble them, so unfortunately the edges will look uneven in these pictures, but then hopefully will be more accurate when it comes to putting the top together!)

The second block was #53 - Kitchen Woodbox:

FWQAL Block #54
FWQAL Block #54 - Kitchen Woodbox
This block was MUCH simpler and easy to assemble.

And here they are together:

FWQAL Week #1
FWQAL Week #1

The greens in these pictures still aren't quite right - hopefully I'll figure out how to get the color to show true soon. The greens are much close to what appears in the fabric bundle above.

2 blocks down, 108 to go!

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<3 Kelsey

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